Welcome to Fine Forge Limited

Fine Forge Limited is one of the leading Steel Die Forging companies manufacturing Turbine Blades and General Forgings in India.

Moving blades and Guide blades are essential for functioning of Steam Turbines. Moving blades of 95 types and guide blades of 24 types of differing geometry designed by LMZ Russia, SKODA, Siemens Germany and also GEC U.K. were developed and supplied to different customers for power and industrial sector's applications. These blades are forged from X20Cr13, X10CrNi Mov1222, X5CrNi 13.4 and X22CrMov122 compositions of stainless steel.

Over 76,000 Moving blades and 24,000 Guide blades are supplied so far to various customers in India and also Russia and Poland. In addition, 639 numbers of Inlet Guide Vanes for Gas Turbines out of “Custom 450” material are developed and supplied. Blades required for 250 MW Turbine of one meter in length and 35 Kg in weight are fully developed and established. Blades by higher length and weight required for 500 MW steam turbines are under development.

Fine Forge Limited has recieved NSIC-CRISIL rating SE-1B
on 15th February 2010.

Fine Forge Limited - An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company

Administrative Office:

HIG - 151, Phase-I, BHEL Township,
Ramachandra Puram, Hyderabad - 502032,
Telangana, INDIA.
Phone: +91 40 23021412
Fax : +91 40 23024051
email: fineforge@hotmail.com

Factory :

24/A/1, IDA Phase-I, Patancheru,
Medak District- 502319,
Telangana, INDIA.
Phone : +91 8455 240715
+91 8455 243573
+91 8455 200153